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10 Things to do in Dublin

Updated: May 25, 2019

It’s the luck of the Irish that brought you here! But for real, Ireland is a lucky place. It’s filled with vibrant people and lots of pubs. So let’s start with the pubs:

1. Explore Temple Bar area. This to many is a tourist trap, but you can’t go to Dublin without checking out the famous Temple Bar. All of the pubs around Temple Bar area have live music playing most times of the day. There is a whole vintage clothing section that people generally miss. But there’s a popular wall outside of the store "Fresh," that gets repainted every time I’ve been there, so make sure you’re on the look out!

2. Speaking of pubs, you’ve got to visit the oldest pub in Dublin; The Brazen Head. It’s walking distance from Temple Bar.

3. After The Brazen Head, book your tickets to the Guinness Storehouse. The tickets around around 20 euro, and you get a free beer at the top. There are stations throughout the “experience” (fancy name for tour), where you can do a proper Guinness tasting and learn how to pour a real Guinness the correct way. At the top, there is a 360º view of Dublin which is breathtaking.

4. Teeling Whiskey Distillery. While we’re on the topic of alcohol (which you will find is the best part of Dublin) why not take a trip to the Teeling Whiskey Distillery. You get to walk through the distillery and at the end taste a flight of whiskey, and they give you a recipe to make cocktails with whiskey. I’ll also mention that I’ve heard great reviews of the Jameson Distillery, but have not been.

5. Kilmainham Gaol. This is the famous, former prison in Dublin. You can book a tour and walk through the old cells and grounds of the jail.

6. Book of Kells. The wait is always long, and some book ahead, but I would suggest buying your ticket then walking around the grounds of Trinity. I wish I got to spend more time in the library, and most of the sections are blocked off so you aren’t truly getting that experience, but hey it’s really famous!

Kilmainham Gaol Book of Kells

7. St. Patricks Cathedral. You’ve got to visit the church of St. Patty while you’re in town! You can pay a small fee to go inside, or just gaze at it’s beauty from the lawn outside. It’s close to the Guinness Storehouse, so I suggest grouping those two together.

8. Grafton Street. Also mentioned in Ed Sheeran's song “Galway Girl.” This is a famous shopping street, and you can do some damage on this street if you aren’t paying attention to your spending. It’s always crowded, but there are plenty of side streets to pop down and explore as well.

Side streets off of Grafton

9. St. Simons Green. This is Dublin’s mini-version of Central Park. St. Simons Green (to me) is the heart of the city. You can get anywhere in 15 minutes from here. It’s a beautiful place for a picnic on a sunny day (oh yeah, and bring a rain jacket and boots because you’re going to get showers a lot).

Coffee @ St. Simons Green

10. Enjoy Riverdance. Reserve one night to have dinner AND a show, with Riverdance Dublin. This is mainly in the summer, but they have a show constructed of Traditional Irish dancing at the Gaitey Theatre. But truly, it’s a fantastic experience and a taste of the Irish life.

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