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Ireland: All places to drink in Dublin.

Updated: May 25, 2019

As I’ve said before, Ireland has many places to eat and drink, and you could essentially go into any pub on the side of the street and have a good time, but these were my favorite places.

The best pregame spot is Whalen’s. There is a (10 euro) cover after 10 PM, so get there at 9:50PM and you should be good. They have a small rooftop beer garden where live bands play at times, and a back-concert room. This was also the same bar in P.S. I Love You where the main character won over his (now) wife. On the bottom floor is where the bathrooms are and in the women’s restroom, people would bring Sharpies to write on the wall “PS I love you” or their names etc. The last time I went there they had repainted the walls, but still bring a Sharpie just in case!

After Whalen’s, I would usually head across the street to Flannery’s. It is a huge bar (which you never realize when you’re there), with barely any rules. You can dance on tables, booths & chairs. There’s around 4 stories, but I usually stayed on ground level. There’s a large beer garden on one side, and then a dance floor area on the other. Definitely a great spot for a night out with friends.

Flannery's at night

Flannery's during the day

If you’re into more of the clubbing scene, the bigger clubs in Dublin were Dicey’s and Copper Face Jacks. Both of them require “nicer” dress (just don’t look like a slob and DO NOT act too drunk or else you will not get in). They also both require a cover fee, which is around 15-20 Euro (a bit pricey, but if you’re going to be there all night, it’s worth it). At Dicey’s, they would have a deal on Thursday’s that was 2 Euro for bottled drinks (Beers, Desperados etc.) . I suggest getting the Desperados. It tastes like a refreshing tequila beer in a bottle.

I have to mention Temple Bar area because while it is a tourist trap, it’s still really fun. This is the most Irish experience you will get because there is live music playing at all times, and you feel the Irish love all around Temple Bar area. The most famous bar there is, you guessed it, Temple Bar! It’s iconic and famous, but super expensive. I would go in and get a drink, listen to their live music, just because it’s a Dublin staple, but then keep venturing throughout the area. There are fun bars such as Fitzsimons, Quays, and Bad Bobs.

Bad Bobs

Gettin' Irish in Temple Bar area

St. Paddy's Day at Fitzsimons

Apart from going out at night, if you just want to get a drink after work or for Happy Hour there are plenty of trendy bars to stop by. Pygmalion is a personal favorite that I would go to a lot after work. It’s tucked away on a small side street and has AstroTurf outside of the bar. The patio furniture looks as if it was bought from a garage sale, and mixed matched but that’s what makes it so great. Dakota’s is a great place for some apps and a snack, and has a whiskey bar in the back.

The Globe is a great place for a drink and has a underground club on certain days. It’s also the only pub in Dublin (that I found) that has Blue Moon on tap! The Bank is a restored bank that is off the main street (Dame) and on College Green street. You walk into the place and it looks like you are walking into Gringotts Bank in Harry Potter. The drinks are expensive, but it’s worth the experience.

The Bank

Speaking of upscale places to drink, NoLita is another nicer place for food and drink. It is located centrally off South Great George’s street. A cute spot for photos at the bar, or upstairs in their room that looks like you’re in a garden.

A place for happy hour and drinks to have a good time at is the Bernard Shaw. It’s located close to Rathmines, and if you go out back, there’s a large outside area to sit and drink at. In the back, there is an old double-decker Dublin bus turned into a pizza place. It’s known as “The Big Blue Bus,” because well, it’s big and blue. It’s a good place to meet after work. This along with Hogan’s is a good happy hour, work spot to meet up at.

I hope you enjoy your time in Dublin, and drink plenty of Guinness! Cheers!

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