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Being a tourist in Berlin.

Updated: May 25, 2019

Berlin is a country I was really excited to visit, and my trip there did not disappoint. The best thing about Berlin, and Germany in general, is that it’s really accessible, especially by train. We took a short 4 hour train ride from Prague (after we had missed a couple trains of course), and arrived by the evening. We stayed at the Generator Berlin Prenzlauer Berg (Oh, another thing about Germany is don’t even try to learn the language, it’s impossible to read / pronounce / understand). Our hostel was right across the street from a club called Matrix Night Club, so it was easy to walk back at night. We were pretty central to the Berlin Wall & the above ground rail system in Berlin, which was super easy to use.

One day, we sat at the Capital Beach Bar for a drink, which is a “beach” like hill with beachy chairs and cocktails to match. It’s located along the River Spree, where you can sit back and soak in the Berlin sun.

Capital Beach

Capital Beach

That same day, we did a boat tour along the River Spree. It was 1.5 hours which was the perfect amount of time, long enough to keep your attention, short enough so you don’t get too bored.

After our boat tour, we walked around the city, and over to the Brandenburg Gate. This gate is HUGE and is a big landmark in Berlin. It’s always busy, and so are the areas around it.

Brandenburg Gate

We walked around the Tiergarten, which is just a large park near the Brandenburg Gate. This was a place where we could explore the nature of Berlin, stop to sit and split a bottle of wine, and eat some cheese and crackers (highly recommend if you want to have a relaxing hour or two!) This park is also located close to the Berlin Zoo, which I’ve heard is amazing and worth the trip.

We ventured over to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, and it was a very solemn sight. You can tell a lot of thought and effort went into this memorial, and it’s necessary to pay your respects while you’re there.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

We took a stroll around the Charlottenburg Palace / Old Palace, and admired the gardens for hours. It is such a large place, and there are plenty of paths to walk along, and places to take photos. We ate lunch at a small restaurant right in front of the palace, so if you are wanting to grab lunch and then walk off your lunch, you’re at the right place! After we strolled the palace, we visited the street Friedrichstrasse, a famous shopping street in Berlin and a huge tourist attraction. They have all of their big chain stores, and it was interesting to see Berlin fashion.

In regards to the wall, there’s a couple sections that you can see. Our hostel was located right by the “new” section of the wall, with all the paintings and colorful artwork. We went over to the oldest part of the wall, and it was eye-opening to see the difference between the two. If you have time while you’re in Berlin, I suggest going to see both to get a comparison.

Oldest part of Berlin Wall

One area of Berlin that we discovered was called Wrangelkiez (like I said, don’t even try to pronounce anything here). It’s a cute, artsier area of Berlin with little parks throughout the neighborhood, record shops, and small cafes. There are cool flea markets, like RAW Flohmarkt, and Fleamarket at Mauerpark, that are only open certain days.

Café in Wrangelkiez neighborhood

On the nights that we went out, we went to a cool outdoor bar along a “flood ditch” called Club der Visionäre. It was a fun spot to be if you want to be outside and have more of a chill night, rather than clubbing. For clubbing, I’ve heard of a lot of cool underground clubs in Berlin, but unfortunately we didn’t make it to any of those.

Club der Visionäre at night

I hope this helps you maximize your time in Berlin! It’s such a great place with amazing history, and there’s never a dull moment.

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