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Cruise around Amalfi Coast

One of the dreamiest places I’ve had the pleasure of going to is the Amalfi Coast. It is truly as breathtaking as the photos, trust me. From the yachts to the fancy cars to the exclusive clubs, it’s a top destination spot for many.

Mount Vesuvius

My trip was different – because we sailed the Amalfi Coast on a catamaran. But there is a lot of public transportation and tour groups you can catch a ride with to get from place to place. We flew into Naples at night and headed straight to our hotel, Partenope Relais. It’s a hotel located right off the Via Partenope – make sure you request a sea side view. The noise is a little loud at night, since it’s right above restaurants on a busier street, but you can’t beat the location. Our first day in Naples we walked along the water on the Via Partenope and wandered up to the Ovo Castle. We didn’t learn much about the history, but for all you history gurus out there, you can read about it here. We popped into a couple shops and found a place on the water to eat lunch. Then, we headed to the boat and started our sail off to Sorrento with a view of Mount Vesuvius in the background. Mount Vesuvius is the only active volcano in Europe. This is the same volcano that destroyed the city of Pompeii, which is the most famous to go see.

Via Partenope


After Naples, we sailed to Sorrento. A gorgeous sea side town located on a cliff. If you are coming by boat, be prepared to walk a lot of steps to get up to the city! (There is an elevator you can take, but it costs money and can take a while). In Sorrento we walked around the streets and popped in and out of small shops. If you’re a fan of Limoncello, Sorrento is the place to get it!


We then traveled to Amalfi. I think Amalfi is a very underrated city, considering the whole coast is named after it! It’s a smaller, quaint town that has a lot of charm. We walked around the main square and ate some gelato there, of course.


The next day, we took a bus (there is a tourism booth by the pier that can tell you the best bus for you to take) up to Ravello, a hillside town that overlooks the coast. If you have the time, Ravello is worth the trip. It’s hidden in the trees, which makes the views all the more beautiful. Although we only spent the day there, I would want to stay at the Hotel Rufolo if I went back. It has a pool that looks over the ocean and is just dreamy.


Next, we went over to Positano, which is even better than the photos. If you’re staying sea side, they have a lot of water taxis that will actually come out to your boat to pick you up and take you to shore. Once you get to shore, they’re pretty strict about stepping on the sand if you aren’t paying for a lawn chair seat on the beach, so watch out for that! Positano is full of hidden streets you can go down and look in the shops. There’s one street that you can follow all the way up and dine at the top of the hill! I can’t tell what view I like better, the view during the day or night, they are both breath taking. At the top of the hill we stayed at Hotel Poseidon at the very top of the hill. We also dined at Café Positano, which looks over the ocean. A view you cannot beat!

View from a water taxi


Next we went to the most beautiful island – Capri. Capri is famous for the Blue Grotto and the Faraglioni (the famous arch you see in photos). Apparently, you are supposed to go under the arch with your loved one and you will be happy forever (or something like that, I wasn’t listening as much as I should have been). When you go down to the marina, there are a lot of locals who have boats that will take you around the island – you can ask them to take you under the arch if the boat is small enough. When you’re in Capri, I would spend the extra money to get your own boat tour, it’s worth being by yourself / friends and not have to experience the island with a bunch of strangers.

Faraglioni Capri

We paid a local to take us to the Blue Grotto. The whole experience in the Grotto lasts about 2 minutes, but it’s a natural wonder so you. like. have. to. see. it. You will wait in line via boat (I don’t know how they keep track but they do), then a boatman will put you and up to 4 people on this tiny canoe and you will wait in line again. Then once you’re at the front of the line and the water + waves are just right, the boatman will tell everyone to lay flat on their backs, and he will duck himself as you enter the cave. It all happens SO fast. The sight being in there is totally worth it, and the boatman will sing in Italian to give you the full effect

One thing to note about Capri – the taxis are crazy! They drive so fast and are basically all topless convertibles. You can only be a taxi driver if you were born on the island, so everyone knows what they are doing. If you have the chance to taxi around, I recommend doing so.


After Capri, we headed to Ischia, a smaller island near Capri. We stopped for the day to eat lunch, shop around and swim. There is a castle there, Aragonese d’Ischia that you can go and explore while you’re there.

We ended our trip back in Naples and had one last big Italian dinner before we headed home. Amalfi Coast is worth the trip and comes with memories to last a lifetime. Ciao!

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