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Luxembourg City: What to do in such a small place?

Updated: May 23, 2019

We took a train from Heidelberg to Luxembourg City. We were traveling from Germany to Spain, and decided to take a stop in Luxembourg (it just felt right, I guess?). We didn’t realize that they two days we were there was during a National Holiday, so we thought our time was going to be spoiled with everything being closed. But the beauty of Luxembourg is that you don’t NEED to go to museums to enjoy the city. They happen to have the quaintest little streets and town square! We stopped to get a quick lunch in the town square at La Boucherie, but there’s plenty of places in door and outdoor to relax and eat.

Luxembourg is really safe and so small that you can essentially walk everywhere. We learned that the hard way when our cab driver picked us up from the Luxembourg railway station took 15 mintues to get to our hotel. Later we figured out we were walking distance from the train station and he just ran the meter because we didn’t know better. Read my article on how to NOT look like a tourist and get scammed like we did. Our hotel wasn’t very central to the city, and I suggest if you’re spending some time in Luxembourg, I would rent an Air BnB.

There are the most gorgeous gardens in Luxembourg. There’s a lot of signage throughout the town that leads you to these gardens, and you end up having to take an elevator ride down to what we called “The Grunge.” I’m sure there are better names for it, but that’s what someone said to us in their French accent and it just stuck. There’s so much to explore down there, and we spend hours walking around and taking photos.

Panoramic view of the gardens & city

Like I said, most things were closed during out time in Luxembourg, and I had been really been wanting to get a tattoo while we were in Europe. Since Luxembourg is so clean and safe, we figured why not see if a tattoo parlor is open. We went to a couple different ones (that were open!) and they said they had availability in a couple of hours. So, what we did, was we went to a convenient store, grabbed some croissants and a bottle of vodka, sat on a ledge and just overlooked the beautiful city. It was a great way to spend our day in Luxembourg.

At night, our cab driver suggested that we go to Café Des Artistes, and while we normally wouldn’t take advice from a complete stranger, Luxembourg seemed like the safest place to do that. So we went to the bar and it turned out to be a gem of a local bar. It was pack from wall to wall with jolly locals singing along to the piano. All the walls are full of historical theater and musical posters. I highly suggest that you go there for a drink and even a bite. There were some clubs that we heard of, but most of them were closed since we were there for a National Holiday.

Overall, Luxembourg City is a gorgeous city if you want to go, relax, spend money, and find nice places to drink some wine with some good views. If you're looking to save money, and have a wild going out experience, this city is not for you.

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