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Prague: How to spend your day.

Updated: May 25, 2019

Prague is undoubtedly my favorite city in Europe. When you walk through the main square, you feel like you’re walking through a storybook that you used to read as a kid. You forget about everything in time and stare at the architecture in awe. I’ve been to Prague twice, and each time it gets more and more fantastic. One thing about Prague: it is DIRT cheap. Beer costs less than water there. But don’t let the monopoly-style-money fool you, because you can end up at an expensive place and not think you’re spending that much. Make sure you are constantly checking your converter to see how much the price actually is in US Dollars / Euro / whatever your home currency.

Prague Castle should be the first thing on your list, and it takes the most time. If you’re staying by the town square, you’re staying across the bridge from the castle. You walk across the Charles Bridge and start walking up what looks like a medieval town. Then you will walk up maybe 200 steps (your legs will feel it in the morning). Most of the castle is free to wander around and explore, but a lot of the main rooms / buildings cost a small fee. The castle is a great lookout spot over the city as well.

View from Prague Castle
John Lennon Wall

On the way from the castle, there are a million places to eat and drink, and you are one step closer to the John Lennon Wall. My first time in Prague, we bought spray paint from a convenient store & brought sharpies so we could write on the wall. There are always people playing live music (usually Beatles songs) and taking photos by the wall. But don’t be alarmed when you see it, the wall is pretty small.

There's also no bathrooms close to the wall, and the closes one is in the John Lennon Pub but they WILL make you pay if you just sneak in to use the restroom. The John Lennon Pub itself is cool to look at and walk in, and the bathroom door looks like a telephone booth in London, but in my opinion an overpriced tourist trap food wise.

After the John Lennon Wall, we grabbed a bottle of wine and sat underneath the Charles Bridge, watching boats and rowers go by on the Vltava (longest river in the Czech Republic!) This was a good end to a relaxing day in Prague before we geared up to go out that night.

Dancing House

For dinner, or pre-drinks before dinner, go to Dancing House to watch the sunset. It’s called Dancing House because from far away, the building is structured to look as if it is “dancing” on the side of the street. The real name of the building is Nationale Nederlanden building, but cabs and Uber’s should understand what you mean when you say “Dancing House.” Take the elevator to the top and keep walking up the stairs past the fine dining room to the rooftop bar. You can only go out on the roof if you buy a drink at the bar, and this is the only place that I found pretty expensive, but it’s so worth it.

Old Town Square

Walking through the Old Town Square is one of my favorite parts of Prague, because this is the time you actually do get transported into your favorite Fairy Tale book. Biggest tip: HOLD YOU'RE BELONGINGS. It's so crowded and people will pickpocket you here, so beware! Also, don't be those people who participate in one of the Segway tours... you can walk and we appreciate if you wouldn't buy into that god awful tourist trap. In Old Town Square is where the famous astronomical clock is located. It was build in 1410, and is the 3rd oldest operating astronomical clocks in the whole world!

While you're in Prague, you must try their famous desserts, the Trdelník. I apologize for taking a photo of my chocolate-covered Belgian waffle instead. I hope your mouth is watering after that. In regards of places to stay, any Hostel or Airbnb closer to Old Town Square and the Charles Bridge are your best / safest bet. We stayed at Hostel 1 Prague which was one of my favorite hostels I've ever stayed at. They have an underground bar called "The Rave Cave," enough said.

Enjoy your time in Praha! It's magical.

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