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Prague: Places to eat & drink.

Updated: May 24, 2019


Of course, there are hundreds of places to eat & drink in Prague, but these are some places that I ventured to. On the Prague Castle side, underneath the Charles Bridge, there is a cute (a bit overpriced) café called Café Marnice. I would attach a link, but the restaurant is so small that it doesn’t have a website. The food is alright, but the view that you get under the bridge is magnificent. There are little gondola boats that float by you while eating your meal.

I had the pleasure of traveling with a friend who is fully #glutenfree, so we really had to do some research to find the best places in Prague to eat. The personal favorite for us both was Meat & Greet Burgerhouse. A cute little burger joint with everyone’s favorite thing: a neon sign!

In Old Town Square, we found a to-die-for pasta restaurant that has two levels. Ask to be seated in the bottom dining room, and as you go down the stairs you can see them making the pasta! There are a lot of #glutenfree options here too.

There's a tapas restaurant called Tapas Bar Miró located in Praha 5. It has amazing seafood, is cheap, and is easy for big groups (triple whammie!)


A fun place to spend your night is Dog Bar, also known as Vzorkovna, but let’s keep it simple for everyone and call it Dog Bar. There are bars before you walk in, and you have to give the man at the door money in exchange for tokens. The drinks are really cheap there, and if you don’t spend all of your money they will reimburse you at the end. There’s a spot for live music, but the best part is that there’s writing all over the walls and ladders leading up to planks where you can sit and overlook the whole bar. There are swings that you can hang on and listen to the music as well. This is definitely a place you could spend your whole night.

In regards to nightlife, there are many places to venture in Prague. If you want a fun bar for pre-drinks and dinner, go to AnonymouS Bar. The drinks are fun and everyone in there is wearing a mask. It really keeps the “anonymous vibe” going. Here's what you'll look like when you're there:

One of our favorite places is called the Red Room. It is exactly how it sounds, a room with red walls. There’s typically live music and it’s in a very central area around other bars / restaurants. It’s a great places to start off.

There’s a couple of music halls and clubs that I went to and really loved. The first one was Retro Music Hall, it’s more of an EDM and I believe they have some performers who sing “oldies” songs. There’s a balcony & crazy lights, it’s a great time. Another music hall is Lucerna Great Hall. You need to purchase tickets before the night starts, so I suggest buy your tickets, go to a pregame bar, then come back around 11/midnight. When you walk in, you go downstairs and come upon a huge dance floor with a large screen that plays music videos from oldies. Roxy was another night club that we enjoyed as well!

While you’re wandering around Prague late at night, make sure you run into the famous sculpture of Franz Kafka’s head. It is close to City Hall and it shape shifts.

Lucerna Great Hall

Have fun in Prague, and party on!

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