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Spend a 3 Day Weekend in Nashville

Nashville has been the most highly recommended spot for a while, and probably the spot I’ve done the most research on. It has recently become the “Bachelorette Capitol of the US,” and while my 15 friends and I didn’t go for a bachelorette party, we sure did get mistaken for one plenty of times! The biggest thing I recommend is to make reservations. Nashville is so accommodating to big groups, but you want to make sure they are prepared!

First things first, where to stay? None of us had ever been before and we weren’t positive which place would be the best, and we ended up getting an Airbnb by The Gulch. It turns out that there were a lot of other Airbnb’s in the complex, too! The owners were fantastic, especially with accommodating for 15 girls to stay! I’ve linked the Airbnb here. We were in such a central area, and the longest Uber ride we took was maybe 12 minutes (besides the airport, which is around 20).

Day 1

We spent the day exploring 12 South, which is an artsier street in Nashville. This is the street with the “I Believe in Nashville” sign, and the light blue and white stripped wall – great for photo ops. We walked around all the cute shops there like Draper James (Reese Witherspoon’s Store), and Finnleys and had some sweet treats at Christie’s Cookies & Five Daughters Bakery (they do have gluten free donuts). BarTaco is also on this street, and some coffee shops, like Frothy Monkey, with great patios to sit outside and enjoy the Nashville air.

We ate at Martin’s BBQ – a famous barbecue restaurant near downtown Nashville. You order at a counter and by the time you sit down they already bring you your food. The service was so quick and amazing. There is a great upstairs area that is covered but decorated to look like you are sitting outside on picnic tables.

We started off our night in The Gulch at The Thompson Hotel which was recommended by almost everyone I talked to. We ate at the bottom floor restaurant called Marsh House. It was a mix if southern & seafood and oddly made a great combo. It was a little on the pricier side, but we all split items and it ended up being a great amount of food for the price. We then ventured upstairs to their rooftop bar, LA Jackson. You get an awesome view of the city from here.

From there, we headed to Broadway (super close Uber) and went to Jason Aldean’s Bar. The best part about Broadway is that all the bars are named after most of your favorite country singers (Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Dierks Bentley etc.). Most of the bars are multiple levels too, which always makes for a fun night. Biggest disclaimer the traffic is AWFUL on Broadway, we got out of a lot of Uber’s and started walking sometimes, or ended up taking a cab home. Just be prepared for absolute bumper to bumper, and if you’re walking around make sure to clutch onto your purse! We had a lot of pickpockets in our group.

Day 2

If you aren’t with a big group, or you’re willing to wait for a table, I suggest getting brunch at Acme Feed & Seed. It’s a first come first serve restaurant on the first floor with a live band, and all around great vibes. After brunch, you can head up to the rooftop bar for a great view of Broadway! We ate at Party Fowl Nashville with was great hangover food, and basically everything on the menu had hot chicken in it. But if you’re in the market for Nashville Hot Chicken, you might as well go to Hattie B’s –the most famous Nashville Hot Chicken restaurant.

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich
Party Fowl Nashville

We lucked out with great weather, and we popped around Broadway and day drank at some of the bars during the day time. You can’t go wrong at any bar because the all have live music and are big enough to fit any sized group!

At night, we had dinner at Makeready, which is also home to a speak easy on the other side. The food and drinks were great, but the service was very slow, especially with a big group.

We chose Makeready because it was right next to Painter’s Alley, a place with jazz music, karaoke bars and Skulls Candy Room. If you can, make a reservation for dinner at Skulls Candy Room around 9 so you happen to be there and stay for the burlesque show that starts at 11PM. We tried to line up for the first come first serve show at 10PM and still couldn’t get in. There is a $20 cash cover at the door. In this alley, there is also the Bobby Hotel, which has a very small but Instagrammable “Garage Bar,” and the rooftop always has events happening in the summer, and winter has the blowup snow globes.

We ended our night at Tootsies which was truly amazing. It was the single most recommended place for us to go and certainly lived up to the hype. Every single floor had live music and it wasn’t too crowded where you felt like you were suffocated. There’s a rooftop and we spent all night there listening to the band play our favorite country songs again and again.

Day 3

The last day we rented out a roofless party bus from Honky Tonk Party Express. This was the perfect way to drive around the city and drink with your friends. Of course, it wouldn’t be the same without our matching cowgirl hats that we got from Amazon. The bus wasn’t too expensive, around $60 per person, and was also BYOB. There was a bartender and a driver (obviously) on the bus that we made sure to give a large tip to because we were a rowdy group! They drove us up and down Broadway Street, around both the Predators and the Titans stadiums, and around The Gulch. The bus lasted around 2 hours and we kept day drinking around Broadway after our time was up. If you do anything with a big group in Nashville, this is a MUST.

For dinner, put your name in at Saint Anejo, a highly recommended Mexican restaurant in the M streets, and walk around while you wait. This street is loaded with great restaurants including a fancy steak house – Kanye Prime that has popcorn buttered lobster (can you say yum?). Another great option for dinner or happy hour is The Hampton Social. It has an amazing lounge, and rooftop dining area, and of course the Rosé All Day sign.

Hampton Social

Overall, there’s no where you can even go wrong in Nashville. Every place we went had fantastic vibes and was so accommodating to our needs. Hope you have fun, y’all.

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